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From Anxiety to Serenity: How Lavender Became a note in Simply Fancy

Hey lovely readers! First of all, I need your help in coming up with an endearing name to call you all. Feel free to share your suggestions and let's make it something cute together! Now, in this blog post, I want to delve into the reasons behind creating a floral scent. But before I dive into the deeper aspects of my journey and how fragrance has helped me heal from trauma, let's talk about why I chose a floral fragrance. 

Growing up, I never really had an affinity for flowers. Unlike most little girls, I didn't quite understand the fascination with something pretty that would wither away if not meticulously cared for. The beauty of flowers seemed to be solely in the act of receiving them. I'll admit, I never truly stopped to smell the flowers in my entire life. They were nice to look at, but I just didn't care much for them.

Then, life took me on a journey of personal hardships. During that time, my sister gave me a bouquet of flowers and told me it was time to start appreciating the simple joys in life, to stop and smell the roses. She saw that my life was chaotic and I was constantly on the move, never taking a moment to pause and see the beauty around me. Although the bouquet didn't contain roses, it had lavender mixed in. And something about the scent of lavender brought a sense of calm over me. Amidst the other flowers, the lavender stood out, and I found solace in its soothing aroma.

I took it upon myself to keep those flowers alive for as long as possible, and my house was filled with the delightful fragrance. I began incorporating lavender into various aspects of my life, from body scrubs to oils, and developed a deep love for it. At that time, I hadn't even considered creating a perfume. This was simply a flower that had captured my heart and helped me find peace during an anxiety-ridden period.

When I finally embarked on the journey of creating Simply Fancy during my perfumery classes, there was no doubt in my mind that lavender had to be a part of the fragrance. It had become a symbol of serenity for me, an anchor that helped me navigate through turbulent times. And so, for the first time, I found myself truly appreciating the beauty of flowers. I took my sister's advice to heart and started to stop and smell the roses, metaphorically speaking.

Stay tuned for more insights into the creation of Simply Fancy and how scent can be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.


Fancy :)

Simply Fancy by Fancy Acholonu

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