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Eau de Memories- My Connection Between Perfume and My Mother


This will be a hard one for me to write, but I want to share the profound impact perfume has had on my life, tracing back to my cherished memories of my mother. She was not only my angel and queen but also a hardworking woman who faced life's challenges with a smile. While her passing still brings pain and trauma, I choose to focus on the beautiful influence she had on me, particularly her love for fashion, jewelry, and perfume. 


Today, I will delve into the significance of perfume in our lives and how it intertwines with my own journey.


A Fragrant Connection:

My mother's love for designer fragrances was a symbol of her elegance, her perfume collection definitely showcased the Fancy side of her. Every time she wore perfume to an event, she exuded a billion-dollar aura. I couldn't resist the allure of her scent, so as a child, I would sneak into her room to borrow her perfume, hoping she wouldn't notice. Her fragrance became my sanctuary, a reminder of the strong woman who protected and loved me unconditionally.


The Essence of Memories:

Among the many perfumes my mother cherished, one of my favorites was her Dior fragrance. I often borrowed it, and she wore it until the very last drop. When she passed away, I held onto her nearly empty bottle as a precious keepsake, a tangible connection to her memory. It was a reminder of the moments we shared, the love we exchanged, and the beauty she embodied.


Lessons Learned:

Losing my mother taught me the brevity of life and the importance of cherishing the people we hold dear. I realized that amidst the love and gifts we bestowed upon each other, I had forgotten to truly appreciate the moments we had together. It's a poignant reminder that life is unpredictable, and the presence we take for granted can vanish in an instant.


Simply Fancy: A Tribute:

As I created Simply Fancy I wanted to infuse it with Jasmine, a memorable note in her favorite perfume. Jasmine holds a special place in my heart it's why I put it in the heart note of Simply Fancy. It symbolizes her everlasting presence and the love we shared. 



Perfume serves as more than just a delightful scent; it carries memories, emotions, and connections. My mother's love for perfume ignited my own passion for fragrances, and it continues to be a significant part of my life. The fragrance of my mother's spirit will forever be in my heart, guiding me on my journey to be as simply fancy as she was.




Simply Fancy by Fancy Acholonu

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