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A Little About Me

Hey there, lovely readers!

Today, I want to take a moment to share a little bit about myself. I was born in Los Angeles to Nigerian parents, and I had the incredible experience of growing up as a dual citizen, immersing myself in both cultures. As the middle child among six siblings, my childhood was filled with joyful memories and an abundance of creativity. It's through my creative endeavors that I've discovered my true essence and shaped the person I am today.

A Childhood Fueled by Creativity: Throughout my formative years, I was actively engaged in school and explored my creative side. From playing the piano to shooting hoops on the basketball court and studying art, I embraced various forms of artistic expression. In fact, I even participated in art competitions, with a particular passion for sketching portraits. Additionally, I developed a profound love for perfume, often borrowing my mom's fragrances. Today, I can proudly say that I have my own perfume line, a testament to my creative journey.

A Blend of Education and Creativity: While education held a special place in my heart, I always knew that my creative spirit burned brighter. I believe that our backgrounds have a profound impact on shaping our identities. Being involved in multiple activities and exploring various interests ultimately led me to pursue modeling and entrepreneurship. Life is too short to limit ourselves, and I find great fulfillment in trying new things and embracing different perspectives.

Unveiling My Authentic Self: By the way, do you follow me on Instagram my lovely readers? I'm more active on that platform, though I must admit that I've struggled with truly showcasing my personality there I get very shy because of the fear of judgment from the hundreds of thousands who follow me it sometimes holds me back. That's why I feel a sense of comfort and safety here, knowing that it's likely only a few hundred people reading this blog. It allows me to express myself genuinely without the weight of external opinions. I hope I gain confidence here which will allow me to share more on my Instagram.

I'm excited to share more about myself from time to time and connect with individuals who appreciate the power of creativity, perfumery, personal growth, and self-expression. 

Thank you for joining me in this brief introduction to my life and passions. As we move forward, I look forward to exploring topics such as entrepreneurship, perfumery, personal development, and the beauty of self-expression through art and creativity. Remember, we have just one life to live, so let's embrace it fully, try new things, and see the world from diverse perspectives.

Oh, and let's not let this blog end up on the blog, shall we? 😄


Fancy :)

Simply Fancy by Fancy Acholonu


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